Bay Cedar Suriana maritima.JPG

Bay Cedar Suriana maritima


Zone: 9b-11
Height: 3-16 ft
Spread: 3-12 ft
S/S: Full sun.
Salt Water Tolerance: Moderate.
Salt Wind Tolerance: High.
Drought Tolerance: High.
Soil: Moist, well-drained sandy or limestone soils, usually without humusy top layer but with persistent leaf litter.
Fragrance: Leaves have mild cedar-like fragrance.
Wildlife Attractant: Butterflies.

Coastal habitats are among the harshest environments on earth.  Plants in these locations develop special strategies in their determination to survive.  Many coastal plants grow thick, stiff leaves, or armor themselves with thorns.  If they were humans, they would be considered borderline sociopaths in the way they discourage casual familiarity.

Among these rough-and-tumble characters, under the blistering sun, pummeled by relentless winds filled with corrosive salt spray, lives the Bay Cedar, a gentle shrub seemingly out of character with the austere locale.

Displaying yellow flowers is a plant's way of humming with contentment.  With unique panache, Bay Cedar demonstrates that there is great strength in flexibility. 

Bay Cedar does great in hot locations. It takes trimming well, and can be trained into whatever size you choose, from 4'-8' or so high, by 2'-4' wide.