Bay Cedar Suriana maritima.JPG

Golden Creeper Ernodea littoralis


Zone: 10-11
Height: 1-3 ft
Spread: 3-12 ft
S/S: Full sun.
Salt Water Tolerance: High.
Salt Wind Tolerance: High.
Drought Tolerance: High.
Soil: Moist, well-drained sandy or limestone soils, usually without humusy top layer but with persistent leaf litter.
Wildlife Attractant: Birds.

Super salt-tolerant, spreading groundcover.  If you plant it in the sunniest, well-drained locations you have, it will out-compete all other plants, eliminating the need to pull weeds.  It generally stays under 24", unless it starts to shade itself, and then you may have to thin it out from time to time (hey, come on now, nothing is completely automatic).