Bay Cedar Suriana maritima.JPG

Bay Rum Pimenta racemosa


Zone: 10-11
Height: 3-16 ft
Spread: 3-12 ft
S/S: Moderate to high.
Salt Water Tolerance: Low.
Salt Wind Tolerance: High.
Drought Tolerance: Moderate.
Soil: Moist, well-drained soil is preferred
Fragrance: Leaves have a fragrance.
Wildlife Attractant: Butterflies.

You say you're looking for a slow-growing, columnar tree with a mature height of 20 feet or so?  Look no further than the bay rum, a magical charmer with healing properties.

 Found throughout Tropical America and the islands of the Caribbean, the leaves of this cousin of the Allspice Pimenta dioica, have been used as a spice in cooking, as a perfume, and as a liniment to ease muscle aches.

Rub the leaves. The fragrance will linger with you all day, like the perfume of your old aunt after she has squeezed you tight and given you a big wet kiss on the cheek.

As soon as she goes around the corner, you can wipe a bay rum leaf over your cheek to replace her perfume with the stimulating aroma of the bay rum. 

Flowers resemble tiny bouquets of sparkly cotton candy.  They fill in the voids of fragrance left untouched by the leaves.

We've got beautiful bay rums in 10-gal. (left), and in 20-gal.