Plant Creations Nursery Bay Cedar Suriana Maritima

 Common Name  Bay Cedar

Latin Name Suriana maritima. 

Family Surianaceae

Zone  10B-11 

Height 5-20 Feet

Spread 5-8 Feet 

Salt Water Tolerance Good 

Salt Wind Tolerance High 

Drought Tolerance High 

Soil  well drained, sandy soils

Sun Full Sun 

Wildlife Attractant Butterflies

Roger L. Hammer



 Bay Cedar Suriana maritima

Main Uses

The leaves have been used in the Caribbean to make a medicinal tea to treat intestinal disorders, fevers, and for cleansing sores 

Can be used in an above ground planter or container, as a hedge, or screen

A tree native to Florida, the Bay Cedar is the perfect plant for coastal towns.  It likes dry sandy soils, has a high winder tolerance, and loves full sun


Its tiny green leaves covered with soft dense hairs give it an almost silvery appearance, adding nice texture to your landscape.

When in bloom, the Bay Cedar has tiny yellow flowers bunched near the branch tips.

Wildlife Attractant

The Bay Cedar is known to attract butterflies, making it a great addition to your butterfly garden 

Like the Green Buttonwood, the Bay Cedar also attracts the rare Martial Scrub-Hairstreak butterfly


Plant Creations Nursery Bay Cedar Suriana maritima