Tropical and native plants grown in Plant Creations's extensive nursery also serve as our landscape installation media. Plant Creations uses oolitic limestone and keystone found below our feet to complement the grasses, flowers, and palms that have grown in Southern Florida for hundreds of years, if not millennia.  

 We are blessed with an experienced, creative, and dynamic team who adore the outdoors and natural beauty of our area. We are adept at both hardscape (pathways, patios, walls, etc.) and softscape (plants of all types) installations. Please visit our projects page for more details on the types of projects we have installed.

 We love mixing the organic with modern elements, and many of our designs have earned awards. We have worked with many different types of clients, from homeowners to botanical gardens and hotels. 

 Plant Creations also provides exclusive design services for select clients.

 Please contact us directly with further inquiries regarding both design and landscape installation services offered.