plant creations our story

Our story dates back to 1990, when our founder and owner, Stan Matthews, first started to investigate the particularities of flowering trees in southern Florida. Under the tutelage of a local professor, Dave McLean, Stan began to dive deep into the world of native Floridian plants.

The value of landscaping with native plants was clear: they are adapted to the soil and the salt air, and have developed mechanisms to cope with storms that periodically pass through southern Florida and the Caribbean. Native plants are also preferred by native wildlife, and make landscapes easier to manage on a whole.

Stan’s love and passion for natural landscapes coupled with using responsible and environmentally friendly horticultural practices became a recipe for building an award-winning nursery. We also proudly use natural resources, such as Florida keystone, and oolitic limestone, all of which can be found right under our feet in the greater Miami and Florida Keys region.

Over the years, Plant Creations Nursery has added to its collection whenever Stan comes across beautiful and useful plants within the tropics and subtropical regions of the world. 

We hope to continue to bring the beauty of our natural surroundings into your lives, one plant at a time.