Plant Creations Nursery Golden Creeper Ernodea Littoralis

 Common Name  Golden Creeper; Beach Creeper 

Latin Name Erondea littoralis

Family Rubiaceae 

Zone 10B, 11 

Height 1-3 Feet

Spread 3-12 Feet 

Salt Water Tolerance Low 

Salt Wind Tolerance High 

Drought Tolerance High 

Soil  Most soil types tolerated 

Sun Full Sun 

Wildlife Attractant Provides food for birds

 Nellis, David W. (1994) Seashore Plants of South Florida and the Carribbean 1st Ed. Pineapple Press. Inc.


 Golden Creeper Erondea littoralis

Main Uses 

The Golden Creeper is a hardy ground cover that tolerates drought, poor soil conditions, and winds.  It's native to Florida and the Caribbean, and can also be found throughout the West Indies to South America.

This plant works perfectly as a ground cover and is considered ornamental in that it requires little to no attention. 


Its glossy green leaves are small, measuring at only 1 inch, often turning yellow.

The Golden Creeper flowers all year round, blooming its tiny white or yellow tubular flowers.  

Wildlife Attractant

Birds enjoy eating from this plant  



Plant Creations Nursery Golden Creeper Erondea littoralis