Lady Palm (Rhapis excelsa)

Common Name Lady Palm

Latin Name Rhapis excelsa

Family Arecaceae

Native China, Vietnam, Japan

Zone  10B-11B 

Height 13 Feet

Spread varies; runners 

Salt Water Tolerance low

Salt Wind Tolerance low

Drought Tolerance low 

Soil  tolerate most soils; moist

Sun Shade to light sun

Wildlife Attractant n/a

Main Uses

The Lady Palm grows in clumps, which makes it perfect for use as a filler, screen, or accent near a doorway. It is very slow growing, so container planting can be done with great success.


The rhapis excelsa can reach up to 13 feet high, with beautiful palmate leaves, divided into sections, offering great texture as well as a nice tropical feel to your garden.

It throws a small inflorescence at the top of its sheath.

The Lady Palm likes shade with moist soil, but once established it can withstand some drought.

It is also considered to be a cold tolerant palm!

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