Bahama Wild Coffee (Psychotria ligustrifolia)

Plant Creations Nursery Bahama Coffee Psychotria ligustrifolia

Common Name  Bahama Coffee

Latin Name Psychotria ligustrifolia

Family Rubiaceae

Native Yes

Zone  9-11 

Height 3-4 feet

Spread 3-4 feet 

Salt Water Tolerance low/moderate

Salt Wind Tolerance Moderate with cover from barrier plants

Drought Tolerance moderate 

Soil  Tolerates moist well drained soil

Sun Full Sun; moderate shade

Wildlife Attractant Birds;ground-dwelling wildlife

Main Uses

The Bahama Wild Coffee plant is considered a shrub and is mainly used as an accent in landscapes.  Its small shiny dark green leaves and red fruit add great texture and color.

It has some shade tolerance, but unlike its relative, Wild Coffee, it prefers sunnier locations.  Mildly salt tolerant, it can be mainly found on hammocks, but can thrive in coastal gardens if given enough barrier from salt spray by other foliage. 

The flowers of the coffee plant have a very similar fragrance to the gardenia bush.  If you love the smell of gardenias, use Bahama Coffee in place of it to keep your garden native!


The Bahama Coffee shrub stands at only a few feet high, with shiny dark green elliptical leaves.  Its fruit stands out with its shiny red appearance and bares small white flowers when in bloom.  This form of wild coffee is smaller than its relatives, making it a nice little addition to your landscape.

Wildlife Attractant

Birds such as the blue jay and cardinal enjoy the Bahama Coffee’s fruit.  Its foliage creates great cover for ground dwelling wildlife.  With sustained flowering and fruiting throughout the year, this shrub provides plenty of food. 

This native south Florida plant is perfect for attracting indigenous wildlife to your garden.

Plant Creations Nursery Bahama Wild Coffee Psychotria ligustrifolia