Sunshine Mimosa (Mimosa strigillosa)

Plant Creations Nursery Sunshine Mimosa (Mimosa strigillosa)

Common Name  Sunshine Mimosa

Latin Name Mimosa strigillosa

Family Fabaceae

Native Yes

Zone  8-10 

Height 6 inches

Spread Endless unless tamed 

Salt Water Tolerance low

Salt Wind Tolerance low

Drought Tolerance High 

Soil  moist to dry; sandy soils

Sun Full Sun

Wildlife Attractant Bees & Butterflies

Main Uses

The beautiful Sunshine Mimosa is specifically used as a ground cover, spreading out wide and low.  This would be a great addition to a sunny spot in your garden where you have an open area in which to fill. 

Its spreading growth pattern can be easily managed by trimming the cover back, even withstanding mowing. But if left to grow naturally, it can easily overtake any landscape.


This mat-forming ground cover flowers year-round with its pink fluffy globular head sticking straight up among its fine leaves, which closely resemble a fern’s leaf. It typically reaches only 6” high, but the spread is extensive if allowed.

The Sunshine Mimosa is a delicate, whimsical addition to your native garden. Its sensitive leaves create a spectacular display when touched. The pressure of the touch causes the leaves to fold in on themselves. Its quite a site to see!

Wildlife Attractant

The Mimosa strigillosa overs food and cover for native wildlife.  Bees enjoy the nectar from its pink powder puff flower and it is also a larval host for the Little Sulphur butterfly

Plant Creations Nursery Sunshine Mimosa Mimosa strigillosa