Simpson Stopper (Myrcianthes fragrens)

Plant Creations Nursery Simpson Stopper (Myrcianthes fragrens)

Common Name  Simpson Stopper

Latin Name Myrcianthes fragrens

Family Myrtaceae

Native Yes

Zone  8B-11 

Height 5-20 feet

Spread 3-15 feet 

Salt Water Tolerance High

Salt Wind Tolerance High

Drought Tolerance High

Soil  Prefers neutral, well drained soil

Sun Full Sun; moderate shade

Wildlife Attractant Birds, bees, and butterflies

Main Uses

The Simpson Stopper can be used in many settings from beautiful accents or as an addition to a mixed shrub landscape.  Its beautiful reddish bark is the most noticeable feature of this Stopper, making it stand out from the rest.  You can easily prune it to keep it small or allow it to grow and become a feature in your garden.

Its small white firecracker type flower is very fragrant, so planting the Simpson Stopper near a patio or window would truly let its wonderful aroma shine.


Much like the other Stoppers, the Simpson Stopper has the same small white flowers, but its main distinguishing feature as stated above, is its pretty reddish bark.  It can be kept small at only 5 feet high, or left to grow, potentially reach as high as 20 feet.

Its leaves are small and bright green in color and oval in shape, with its fruit being red and orange.  The leaves have a spicy/citrusy smell to them. 

A fun fact about the Simpson Stopper is that its actually part of the Eucalyptus family!

 Wildlife Attractant

Its showy red/orange fruit are very popular with the birds, and the sweet flowers attract bees and butterflies. Its stiff branches make for wonderful nesting and cover environments for native wildlife. The Simpson stopper is considered one of the most adaptable and useful wildlife landscaping plants when used in its native environment.


Plant Creations Nursery Simpson Stopper Myrcianthes fragrens