Bahama Manjack (Cordia bahamensis)

 Common Name Bahama Manjack

Latin Name Cordia bahamensis

Family Boraginaceae

Native Yes

Zone 10A, 10B, 11

Height up to 13 Feet

Spread 4-8 Feet

Salt Water Tolerance Low

Salt Wind Tolerance Low

Drought Tolerance High

Soil Tolerates most soil types

Sun Full sun to light shade

Wildlife Attractant Butterflies, bees, and moths

Main Uses

A native to south Florida, the Bahama Manjack is a nice addition to your native garden.  Its bushiness and height make for a great barrier or screen.  Its little flowers and overall gold tint to the shrub gives great dimension and texture.  We like to use it as an accent amongst our gardens, planting the Bahama Manjack with Bahama Coffee, Jamaica Caper, behind Coontie, and among other plants that attract butterflies.

It tolerates hot locations, so planting in a more exposed spot in your garden would work best. 


The Bahama Manjack is a large shrub reaching up to 13 feet high.  Its leaves are thin and elliptical in shape, having a rough/scratchy surface.  It has tiny inconspicuous white flowers that grow in clusters on the tops of its branches.  The Bahama Manjack has a bushy quality to it, with a nice dark brown bark, offering great contrast to the green leaves.  It loves full sun and hot locations

Wildlife Attractant

The Cordia bahamensis attracts lots of pollinators! Bees, butterflies, and moths love its nectar, while its dense nature offers great cover for wildlife.

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