Green Buttonwood (Conocarpus erectus)

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 Common Name Green Buttonwood

Latin Name Conocarpus erectus

Family Combretaceae

Native Yes

Zone 10B-11

Height 30-40 Feet

Spread 20-30 Feet

Salt Water Tolerance Good

Salt Wind Tolerance High

Drought Tolerance High

Soil Tolerates most soils

Sun Grows in full sun

Wildlife Attractant Tantalus Sphinx and Martial Scrub-Hairstreak


Main Uses

The Green Buttonwood Conocarpus erectus is a great tree for coastal planting.  Its high salt and drought tolerances provide a great screen for privacy.

Considered a front line tree, the Green Buttonwood is tolerant of extreme exposure to salt spray. 

It can be used for hedging, as a shade tree, and a specimen plant.

It is said to also have been used for smoking meats and fish, as well as for cabinetry and charcoal making due to its strength.  

The Green Buttonwood is a Florida native tree and is known for its tenacity.  Full sun, high alkaline soil, and salty air, are all ideal conditions, making it the perfect tree for south Florida and coastal areas. 


The Green Buttonwood ages very nicely with the bark of the tree contorting and twisting with age. It can also be trimmed and shaped easily. Rough seashore winds add its nice patina. 

Wildlife Attractant

It is said to be a larval host plant and nectar source for the rare Martial Scrub-Hairstreak butterfly, and the Tantalus Sphinx moth.  

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