Sea Plum (Coccoloba uvifera x diversifolia)

Plant Creations Nursery Sea Plum Coccoloba uvifera x diversifolia

Common Name Sea Plum

Latin Name Coccoloba uvifera x diversifolia

Family Polygonaceae

Native Yes 

Zone 10A-11

Height  6-8 Feet

Spread 5-6 Feet

Salt Water Tolerance High

Salt Wind Tolerance High

Drought Tolerance Good

Soil Dry/Moist

Sun Full/Partial Shade

Wildlife Attractant Birds


Main Uses

Sea Plum is native to Florida and is said to be a very low maintenance tree.  This makes a great coastal tree with its high salt water tolerance.

Considered a front line tree, the Sea Plum is tolerant of extreme exposure to salt spray. 

It is also used as a screening shrub, accent tree, front line salt tolerance plant, specimen tree, patio tree, medium tree, and the bush variety even adapts well to espalier.

We have three different varieties of Sea Plum


The Sea Plum is a hybrid of the Sea Grape (Coccoloba uvifera) and the Pigeon Plum (Coccoloba diversifolia), thought to have naturally occured. It is said to grow 6-8 feet in height, but with its parents growing upwards of 30 feet high, Sea Plum could vary well grow just as large.

White fragrant flowers bloom mid Spring to mid Summer.

Wildlife Attractant

Birds such as the Woodpecker, Mockingbird, and Robin love to eat the fruit from the Sea Plum

Plant Creations Nursery Sea Plum Coccoloba uvifera x diversifolia