Broombush (Baccharis dioica)

Plant Creations Nursery Broombush Baccharis dioica

Common Name Broombush

Latin Name Baccharis dioica

Family Asteraceae

Native Yes

Zone  10B-11 

Height 4-6 Feet

Spread 1 Foot 

Salt Water Tolerance High

Salt Wind Tolerance High

Drought Tolerance Medium 

Soil  Prefers wet, saline soils

Sun Full Sun

Wildlife Attractant Butterflies

Main Uses

The Broombush is a very hardy plant, tolerant of salt, moist soils, dry soils, and even cold weather.  It’s a great filler plant, mixing well with other salt tolerant plants such as the Sea Oxeye, Goldenrod, Saltgrass, and Horizontal Cocoplum.

Its tiny white/yellow flowers and fruit grow in masses, creating a showy cotton like appearance.  This creates great texture to your landscape


The Broombush can grow 4-6 feet in height, making this plant a shrub.  Its leaves are a 1-3-inch spatulate to linear in shape with a gray/green hue, and with the addition of its flowering and fruiting style, this makes for an interesting specimen. 

Wildlife Attractant

The flowers of the Broombush are said to attract Monarch Butterflies

*We sell two types of B. dioica

Plant Creations Broombush Baccharis dioica