Silver Sea Oxeye Daisy (Borrichia frutescens)

Plant Creations Sea Oxeye Borrichia frutescens

Common Name  Silver Sea Oxeye Daisy

Latin Name Borrichia frutescens

Family Asteraceae or Compositae

Native Yes

Zone  8-10B-11 

Height 13-5 Feet

Spread 1 Foot 

Salt Water Tolerance High

Salt Wind Tolerance High

Drought Tolerance Medium 

Soil  Prefers wet, saline soils

Sun Full Sun

Wildlife Attractant Butterflies

Main Uses

The Silver Sea Oxeye is considered a front line plant because of its ability to handle extreme exposure to salt spray. 

Its best suited in coastal planting, close to the sea shore amongst other coastal plants such as the Salt/Broom Bush, Goldenrod, Saltgrass. 

 It reaches heights of 3-5 feet tall, making the Sea Oxeye work well as low hedge or filler plant.  When planted in its native habitat, it’s a low maintenance plant, creating a wonderful habitat for indigenous wildlife.


The Silver Sea Oxeye Daisy has silver/green leaves with a yellow daisy type flower.  It has a slight woody look to it, adding wonderful texture and color to your coastal garden.  Its yellow flowers bloom in Spring and Summer, potentially blooming all year round in South Florida.

A native plant to Florida, the Borrichia frutescens should be a staple in any south Florida landscape. 

Wildlife Attractant

Provides food and moderate cover for wildlife.  The Silver Sea Oxeye attracts butterflies such as the great southern white, large orange sulphur, and the southern broken-dash

Sea Oxeye Borrichia frutescens